Lets bust this back open

I have two hours a day of untapped potential, maybe 3 if I start waking up earlier. Kicking this blog back off could quite possibly be the scratch for my itch. However, by no means do I plan on returning it back to its original form of a sad Barstool Sports spin-off.  Personally, I had a lot of fun doing that at the time, but now it is just painfully obvious that what I/we (myself and my friend Jimmy) were doing was at best an imitation. This time around will be different… I think?  Either way, there is only one way to find out; Gotta start writing.

At this time in my life I feel like content will not be an issue. There is a fairly well defined vision of where I want this to go, and even though there have been some posts from the old blog that I like, it should probably be deleted or at least archived. Shit, is it painful to look at some of that.

Well, I guess for the sake of stating my goals and giving readers a preview of what’s to come, here is a list of thing I plan to write about.

  • Myself
    – Why not, it’s what I know best.  Also, I’m fairly certain I am either partly genius or partly insane, and watching the truth unravel in a blog would make for a great post mortem read.
  • MMA
    – Combat sports have always been a part of my life since I first started Karate at age seven.  From there I went on to kickboxing, and then taekwondo where I finally began competing in (and placing in) tournaments. After that it was a brief 6 year intermission while I played high school and college football. My career ended due to nagging ankles, knees, neck, booze, shoulder, booze, weed, concussions and booze. Since then it has been a cornucopia of the essentials; boxing, muay thai, jiu-jitsu, wrestling… sprinkle in some judo and you got yourself a dude that knows a little bit about a lot of shit.
  • Movies and Music
    – I go to the movies alone far more than anyone should.  Truth be told, I just like to watch movies on a huge screen with some big ass speakers, and having someone else with me is just not necessary. So yes… I am that creep in the first row up from the landing who keeps turning around in disgust every time you talk with your friend. Shut the fuck up. There’s a movie on. Dildo.

I suppose there will be more, like LifeEducationMotivation, and things of that nature… but who knows?

I just gotta start writing.

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