Conor McGregor Gets His Rematch Against Nate Diaz at UFC 200

Diaz McGregor

I intend on coming correct with a breakdown of every card in the future, but I just wanted to get this out there as soon as I heard it.  My initial thought was, “why the hell would Conor do this?”  So far from what I’ve read it looks like everyone close to Conor did what any normal, caring, business savvy person would do… They begged him not to take the fight. This is a lose-lose situation for Conor. If he loses again it will seriously damage his dollar value in the UFC, but even if he wins it does almost nothing to help him unless he can win the necessary rubber match that would happen next year.

However, word from McGregor’s coach is that Conor has been “obsessed” with fighting Nate again.  Even Dana White advised him against it, but Conor makes the money, so Conor calls the shots.  One thing is for sure, the notorious one is not simply riding his wave of success. The man is chasing greatness. Whether or not he will ever get there is still to be seen.
The other side to this is Nate Diaz’s meteoric rise to his rightful spot at the top of the UFC. It is no secret that I have always been a Nick Diaz fan boy, and in his absence I jumped on the Nate Diaz bandwagon. Honestly though I don’t feel like a bandwagon jumper because it was always the style Nick fought that made me a huge fan, and obviously that style runs in the family. No one brings the fight like the Diaz brothers, and no one brings the $$$ like Conor McGregor. So in a way, Conor chasing this fight with Nate has made me an even bigger McGregor fan.  I like to think that if Conor had lost to a less deserving fighter in that last minute replacement fight, he would have just moved on with his career and defended his belt at UFC 200. Chalk it up to a speed bump in a stellar career.  The problem is, Conor knows that his loss to Nate wasn’t a fluke.  He knows that choke wasn’t out of left field. And he knows that if he doesn’t fight Nate again he risks looking like a coward.

So if Conor is fighting to keep his swagger alive, and to keep his money train rolling. Nate is fighting because that’s what a Diaz does, and at the same time hoping he can rob that money train one more time.


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