Wrestlemania 32 Recap (sorta)

This might be pretty pathetic considering I don’t watch much wrestling, but if we are going to grade last night’s Wrestlemania with either a pass or fail, I’m giving it a pass.  They did just enough to keep me interested and even had a few intriguing matchups with some pretty interesting characters.

One guy who seems to move the needle is Dean Ambrose.  His match against Brock Lesnar was nothing short of average but at least there was a clear cut heel vs. hero scenario. In the end Lesnar won, but Ambrose will definitely benefit from the performance.

The only other match on the card that was worth seeing for me was Shane O Mac vs. The Undertaker.  Shane’s arrival to the WWE basically signaled my exit. However, I had always seen through years of internet boredom, that Shane went on to have an incredible career as a wrestler. He became known for doing some pretty impressive things that required both athleticism and guts. Shane would even gain the respect of just about every member of the locker room by going above and beyond to prove he belonged as proof of this video tribute to him (which I highly recommend watching).

Shane played all his popular hits in the ring.  He sparred a few round with the Undertaker on the feet, and even showed off his newly acquired BJJ when he slapped Taker in a triangle choke.  My biggest beef with this match is the same beef I have had with almost every Wrestlemania I’ve in the last 10 years… The Undertaker.  The “dead man” needs kill his career ASAP.  Every fight he has been involved in over the past 10 years has been terrible.  He is old, slow, and seemingly incapable of still putting on any sort of a show. At one point when Shane was going for his signature “coast-to-coast”, the Undertaker moved at the last minute as if to brace for impact and basically ruined the entire moment.  By being a giant bitch, the Undertaker ruined Shane McMahon’s “Wrestlemania moment”.

However Shane would get a second chance at his moment later in the fight when he predictably climbed to the top of the cell, said a prayer, and delivered a flying elbow to the announce table below where Undertaker had once been. This will go down as one of those unforgettable Wrestlemania moments.  It was quite literally the moment we were all waiting for, and it was executed flawlessly. Even the Undertaker couldn’t screw that one up for Shane.

What really saved the night for me though was all the call backs to the era I grew up on, which has since been dubbed “The Attitude Era”.  In an early 7 way ladder match, Dolph Zigglar went on a sweet chin music rampage as an homage to the godfather of the ladder match Shawn Michaels.  Later on in the night Shawn Michaels would make an appearance with Mick Foley and Stone Cold when a group called The League of Nations insisted there weren’t 3 people in the building who could take them on.  Well, one mandible claw, a couple sweet chin musics, and handful of stunners later the 3 veterans stood victorious in the ring and celebrated with Coors Lite toast.

Even later in the night, The Rock made an appearance.  He had a flame thrower, set the record for fastest pinfall at a Wrestlemania, and beat down the entire Wyatt family with the help of none other than John Cena. All-in-all it made for some fun television.

Oh… and the main event stunk. Poor Roman Reigns. They might never like you.

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