Pizza Shop Chronicles

There was a random scavenger hunt this weekend that featured a bunch of things involving the shop.

  • Pictures with the staff
  • Make a pizza
  • Get the delivery guy to sing the National Anthem, which he did not know the words to… (Goddamit Steve)

Fun stuff, ya know?

But one of the tasks on this list was not so fun and it involved the illegal removal of several of my napkin dispensers.

Since the scavenger hunt I am down 2 napkin dispensers. Their absence has not gone unnoticed.  Customers are complaining of greasy fingers with no hope of relief. Old Man Jim, our morning delivery guy, is have a particularly difficult time coping with the loss. Perhaps it is his senility, or perhaps it was just his deep connection to these napkin dispensers, but he is reminded of them every morning… And feels the need to remind me as well.
Shut up Jim. I know the napkin dispensers are gone.

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