Tony Ferguson Gets Injured 1 week before UFC 223 – WTF

That really just happened, huh? Were my dreams really just dashed by the Boogeyman, El Cucuy? I’m not going to dedicate an entire 700 word blog post to how I feel about this, but you can basically just take all the excitement from my last post and replace it with shock and disappointment. In terms of disbelief this is right up there with finding out Jon Jones got popped again for PEDs following the second DC fight. I find myself thinking, “Is this really happening?”

The supposed silver lining here is that Max Holloway stepped right up to the challenge and will be filling in for Ferguson, but honestly, that’s not good enough. Khabib deserved his shot at Tony and although I’m sure I will still be excited to watch this fight, it’s already ripe for excuses. It also completely proves the point from my last post about why these super fights can be real fun to watch but somehow still make the UFC worse as a product.

See, this is a win-win for Max Holloway just as it was for Nate Diaz when he stepped up to fight Conor McGregor. It’s not the fight we were expecting but at face value its an incredible last minute replacement. The only major difference is Khabib has a lot more to lose than Conor did – primarily in the form of his undefeated record, and possibly his spot in line for the title…

Except wait…

The Khabib vs Holloway fight is going to be for the title? For the “official” title as Dana White put it. So, you mean the official title already held by Conor McGregor? Or is it the official interim title held by Tony Ferguson? Or is it an official interim-interim belt until Tony heals up and they schedule a rematch??? This makes no f*cking sense. We are back to where we started; Fighters jumping rank (in this case weight classes) to make a super fight, more fake belts, and more confusion.

My only real hope is that this whole debacle pushes the UFC to pay Conor a kings ransom to come down from his tower and fight the winner of Khabib vs Max. It wouldn’t be as satisfying as Khabib vs. Tony would have been, but at least things would start to make sense again.

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